Internal Server Error when accessing Movable Type

"I get "500 Error - Internal Server Error" when accessing Movable Type"

This error appears in your Web browser when the Movable Type installation wizard (or any Perl script) fails to execute. Check the following:

  1. Use your FTP program to display the extracted Movable Type files on your local computer and the files on your Web server. Make sure that all of the files were copied.

  2. Check that your FTP program is set up to copy files in ASCII mode. If not, set it to use ASCII mode and re-copy the Movable Type files.

  3. Make sure that all of the .cgi files in the mt directory (within your server's cgi-bin directory) have read and execute permission.

  4. Check that the version of Perl on your server is 5.004_4 or higher. If not, download and install a newer version.

  5. Open the mt.cgi file and check that the path to Perl is correct for your server on the first line of the script. If not, you need to either correct this line in each of the Movable Type .cgi files or (if you have privileges to do so) make a symbolic link that maps the actual Perl directory to the one named in the Movable Type .cgi files. In a shell, enter:

    ln -s actual-path-to-perl path-in-MT-cgi-files

    Make sure "actual-path-to-perl" is the path to the directory where Perl is installed on your server and "path-in-MT-cgi-files" is the directory where the Movable Type files are looking for Perl.

  6. If your hosting provider is GoDaddy, you will have to edit the path in each of the files. GoDaddy's hosting software resets the cgi-bin directory.

  7. If you are using a Windows server, check that you correctly configured IIS to recognize .cgi files as Perl scripts. See the instructions in Configuring IIS to Use ActivePerl.